Erotic Story (Mischief Monday 2)

At the family reunion, Cindy couldn't keep her eyes off her cousin's husband, Jake. Tall and muscular, with a dark beard and piercing blue eyes he was the epitome of sex appeal. As the night went on, the two found themselves alone in the backyard, away from the prying eyes of their relatives.

"You shouldn't be looking at me like that," Jake said, sounding both stern and aroused. 

"I can't help it," Cindy replied, her voice soft and sultry. "It's been so long since I've seen you. And you've gotten so. hot."

Jake hesitated for a moment, then leaned in to kiss her. Cindy's heart raced as their lips met, and she found herself eagerly returning his passion. She could taste the salty tang of beer on his breath, and it only made her want him more.

Their kisses grew more intense, and soon Cindy found herself pressing her body against Jake's, feeling the hardness of his cock through his jeans. She reached down between them and began to undo his zipper, knowing that this was wrong but unable to stop herself. 

"Are you sure about this?" Jake asked, but she could hear the eagerness in his voice.

"Yes," she whispered, biting her lip in anticipation.

Jake's hands were shaking as he fumbled with the buttons on Cindy's shirt. He couldn't believe how badly he wanted her, and he knew that once he had her, he would never be able to forget her.

"You're really doing this?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes," Cindy replied, her breath hot against his ear. "I've been wanting you for so long."

Jake pushed her shirt open and kissed her neck, sending shivers down her spine. She moaned softly as he nibbled on her earlobe.

"You're such a tease," he growled.

"I'm not teasing," she said, running her hands over his chest. "I want you too."

They stumbled towards the shed in the backyard, unable to resist the desire that was consuming them both. As soon as they were inside, Cindy pushed Jake onto the dirty old mattress and straddled him.

"I can't believe we're doing this," he said breathlessly.

"Shut up and enjoy it," she replied before lowering herself onto his cock.

Cindy moaned as Jake's cock filled her up, his hands gripping her hips tightly. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be on top of him, with his hard body beneath her.

"Fuck," Jake grunted, his eyes closed in pleasure. "You're so fucking tight."

Cindy rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile at his dirty talk. It had been so long since she had felt this way, this alive and reckless.

She leaned down and kissed him deeply, their tongues tangling together as they moved in sync with each other's bodies. The shed was getting hotter by the second, and Cindy could feel sweat beading on their skin.

"I'm gonna come," Jake groaned, gripping her hips tighter.

Cindy gasped as he exploded inside of her, filling her up with hot seed. They lay there panting for a moment before Jake rolled off of her and zipped up his pants. 

"That was. unexpected," Cindy said with a smirk.

Jake chuckled. "Yeah, well I didn't expect to be with my cousin's sister-in-law either."

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