Licking or Sucking Vibrator? Which One Should You Get?

Are you undecided about purchasing a sucking or licking vibrator? No worries at all, Women's Pleasure has the insights to help with your decision.

What is a Sucking Vibrator?

Sucking vibrators are sex toys which mimic oral sex. Sucking vibrators have a circular head that nestles around a clitoris and uses small bursts of air pressure to produce a stimulating suction sensation. While this description is dry, the orgasms they can produce are anything but.

Premium Sucking Vibrator

Sucking Vibrator Tips

To get the best bang for your dollar look for a sucking vibrator with remote and positioning controls, like our premium sucking vibrator, which your partner will love during couples play. The sucking motion can bring your orgasm up a notch with the direct clitoral stimulation, and you'll find it more adjustable as far as the areas it hits- and because of its ergonomics you'll have to reposition very few times - only if you really want to.

"Finding a great sucking vibrator can be unbelievably amazing, like using it multiple times a day amazing." - Women's Pleasure

What is a Licking Vibrator?

A licking vibrator is a sex toy that provides the stimuli of penetration, and oral sex at the same time. A quality licking vibrator can stimulate throbbing sensations in your G-spot, while it lightly licks the vulva. Typically, these sex toys are made of silicone and can give your sweet spot a hardcore massage while remaining gentle on your skin. That's because silicone is smooth and phthalate-free. This material is also very flexible and bendable, so it can follow the curves of your love tunnel without causing any discomfort.

Premium Licking Vibrator

Licking Vibrator Tips

While a partner can take up to 30 mins to an hour/or more to make you orgasm, a great vibrator, like our premium licking vibrator, can do so in less than 5 mins.

When shopping for a licking vibrator, get one with sufficient power settings. A quality vibrator will leave you quivering and shaking from the powerful vibrations of its ever-steady tongue. With our premium licking vibrator, you can choose from 9 types of powerful vibration settings and 9 different licking patterns - to keep the vibes high. 

"Knowing which type of vibrator to use, can bring you to pleasure heaven." - Women's Pleasure


Licking vs Sucking Vibrator?

When deciding between a licking or sucking vibrator, first identify your preferred type of stimuli. You can draw from your own sexual experiences during oral sex for this. Do you prefer to have your clit licked or sucked? Which feels best?

Take a moment to introspect a bit, and determine what stimuli feel best. Once you've determined what feels best, purchase the sucking or licking vibrator that best simulates that feeling.


Licking or Sucking Vibrator Article

By Women's Pleasure