Female Sex Toys 101: A Deep Dive Into Sex Toys

Introduction to female sex toys

If you’ve landed on this page, you most likely googled “Female Sex Toys” and would like to know more about these playful devices. Women’s Pleasure has you covered with answers to your most pressing sex toy-related questions.

When you think of female sex toys, its not hard to imagine a phallic object that runs on batteries and controlled by some fancy app, but in reality, female sex toys have been around since the dawn of time. 

Female sex toys of the Ancient World

Female sex toys go way back to around 29,000 BC when Neanderthals, in what is now Germany, carved out rocks into overtly phallic shapes. However, it’s unclear to archeologist whether these objects were used as female sex toys, or for fertility ceremonies, but what is clear is that they paved the way for modern-day female sex toys.

Around 500 BC, ancient Greeks crafted fake dongs using exotic materials, like brass or stuffed leather. Some were, for some reason, made out of old loaves of bread - called olisbokollikes. Greeks also pioneered the use of lube during this time, using olive oil. 

By 1300 AD, female sex toys were all the rage in ancient China. They used crude cock rings made of goat eyelids and double-sided dildos. 

Sailors during the 1600s pioneered the use of sex dolls by fashioning "women" made of straw as companions for their long and arduous trips on the open seas - these were called "dames de voyage."

Female Sex Toys FAQs

Introduction to female sex toys

How to use female sex toys?

Firstly, you’ll want to lay on your back as you insert the sex toy. Avoid clenching your legs, as your vibrator may fall out. Additionally, you’ll want a relaxing environment as you set the sex toy to the settings you crave. 

Do include a partner or partners for fun couples play as well. Relax, as your Women’s Pleasure sex toy does all the work!

How to clean female sex toys?

Female sex toys such as sucking vibrators, licking vibrators, and anal toys do come in contact with bodily fluids, so clean them properly after and before every use. Cleaning your female sex toys need not be complicated, but the consequences of neglecting to do so can be.

You can clean almost every type of sex toy using liquid soap and water and then air-drying. Remember to rinse your female sex toys with water or wipe its surface with a damp washcloth to remove any surface debris. Apply liquid soap directly to the toy and scrub - If your sex toy has grooves or crevices, use a dedicated soft toothbrush to remove any lodged debris. Then rinse or wipe your sex toy until it is clean using water. Place the clean toy on a clean towel and to air-dry.

How often should a sex toy be cleaned?

Cleaning your female sex toys after each use (and sometimes before) is recommended for overall health and safety.

Where to buy female sex toys?

Women's Pleasure is your #1 source for all the female sex toys, and adult toys your heart could desire, including sucking and licking vibrators. Whether you're new to female sex toys or experienced user, you'll find the perfect sex toy to add to your collection .

How do I start using female sex toys in bed?

It's important to be true to oneself. If you desire to incorporate female sex toys in couples play, it's important to be honest and transparent. In that first conversation and later on, discuss with your partner the kinds of sensations you both enjoy or are interested in exploring and how you could see incorporating sex toys into the sex you already have. Encourage each other to explore a world outside of genital stimulation.

Do you have to use lube when using a female sex toys?

Technically, it is not required to use lubricant, but it can help make sex more comfortable and fun while decreasing any discomfort/pain.


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