Sex Confessions (Freaky Friday 1)

Sex Confession 1 - Kayla

I had a threesome with an ex and his dad.

My ex — we were together at the time — told me his dad would check my ass out every time we left his apartment and asked if I found him attractive, which I did. They had a VERY close relationship and would compare sex stories and partners. The topic of a threesome came up and they were both down.

One day we went to his dad's apartment while his wife was working. My bf grabbed me, kissed me, pulled my boobs out of my maxi dress and shoved my face into his dad's. We started making out, he touched me all over and my boyfriend was watching and jerking himself off.

The dad had to pull his dick out after the first suck because he couldn't hold it in and quickly came, while my boyfriend was inside of me. And I finished with my boyfriend.

Sex Confession 2 - Maddie

I got double penetrated on a playground in the middle of the night.

Sex Confession 3 - Ciara

I was at a club dancing with this guy. This girl joined us and we started dancing together. Then we started making out. Things got heavy so the other girl and I dragged him to the unisex bathroom. We had to distract the attendants so we could all go in the same stall. The girl and I gave him head together. Sometimes taking turns, sometimes just making out with his dick between our lips. I let him bust on her face 'cuz I didn’t wanna ruin my makeup.

Sex Confession 4 - Olivia

My boyfriend and I do a lot of role play. I even have outfits to go with them, and we always incorporate full storylines. Last night it was the schoolgirl who wanted to pass the class, and the professor who didn't want her to.

Sex Confession 5 - Denise

I was at my boyfriend’s after prom, and everyone was blackout drunk. My boyfriend and I went back into our room where we proceeded to hook up. This girl I know but am not friends with brought the boy she was hooking up with back to our room, too. He passed out on the bed next to ours while my boyfriend and I were completely naked doing it.

She was mad she couldn’t get laid, so she propped her head up on the passed out dude’s body and watched us have sex from start to finish. I locked eyes with her a few times and I think she might've definitely been masturbating. Even though I kind of know the girl, we haven't spoke of it since. It was pretty cool.

Sex Confession 6 - Daisy

I hooked up with my boyfriend in an empty music classroom in high school. The door was wide open and there was a full class of students next door.

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