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Ready to move on to some steamier foreplay? Or craving for an explosive orgasm? You can’t miss Desire sucking and licking clit teaser which is the most creative and effective clit massager adult toy out there to satisfy all your sensual needs!

Featuring 3 suction and 9 tongue-licking patterns, this clit stimulator provides interchangeable functions that deliver a lifelike oral sex sucking experience. The innovative design of the large mouth can fully cover your vulva and feels like a muscular hand gently fondling, seducing, and teasing you. With added click-fluttering tickling, feel the intense brink of ecstasy over and over again!

Beginning on low and escalating to mind-numbing bliss, Desire stimulates you from every angle, cranking up your body's arousal and leading you to experience erotic exhilaration. Pursue Desire and relish the waves of vibration, pulsation, and escalation it provides!

The intense suction pulses against you to draw blood to the surface; heightening sensitivity and enhancing every sensation. Meanwhile, the silicone tongue can be used with or without the soft, TPE sleeve to lick and stimulate your clit. 

Designed for more than just bedroom fun, the waterproof design lets you take your Ultimate Pleasure to the bath or shower. Once you’ve had your fill, it’s easy to recharge your toy using the magnetic USB charger, for hours of enjoyment. 

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  • Licking and sucking action promises to tempt, tease and thrill
  • Explore three suction modes
  • Nine tongue patterns lick and brush against you for intense arousal
  • Suction increases blood flow to heighten sensitivity  
  • Waterproof and rechargeable for pleasure from start to finish
  • Simply position and let the fantasy for her get to work! Ideal for users with limited mobility

Customer Reviews


Decided to take a break from Men because they're all dogs and I haven't missed anything. In fact my sex life is even more amazing because it's just me and my beautiful purple sucker, and I have an orgasm every single time!!!

Taryn B
Los Angeles, CA

I literally don't need a man anymore. I take my Premium Sucker with me everywhere. I love it soooo much. I'm going to be gifting these to my friends in need!

Nicole C
London, UK

The premium sucker is heaven on earth. You talk about squirting?!? Let me tell you we are talking full blown waterfalls here! One after another... make sure you put a towel down there!

New York, NY

I will not be needing a significant other anytime soon thanks to Womens Pleasure Co's sucking vibrator, or as I like to call it, el chupa chupa!

Toronto, CA

Make sure to be well hydrated before using any of Womens Pleasure co's products on the first use! Very satisfied customer and recommend their products without hesitation!

Manchester, UK

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